Anna Rosak
I love piano, volleyball, traveling, and pizza.

Piano joke.jpg
This graph perfectly describes my entire piano playing career.

Hacienda El Refugio-Hacienda El Refugio, a training and retreat center in Calacalí, Ecuador, is one of my favorite places in the world. I worked alongside the missionaries and volunteers here on a missions trip one summer.

This is a video of Christina Clapp, a girl born with down syndrome, who had the opportunity to play the piano alongside an orchestra in a concert that advocated for children with down syndrome and other special needs.

Finale Assignments
1. Magic Valley
2. Happy Birthday
3. Clarinet Warm Up

Noteflight Assignments
1. Asali Ya Nyuki
2. Pedal Point Duet

Audacity Assignments
1. On Top of the World

GarageBand Assignments
1. ABA Form Song
2. Hungarian Dance

Tech Tools Inventory

Non-Traditional Notation Composition Lesson Plan 1
Common Chord Modulation Lesson Plan 2

Instructional Video Outlines

Instructional Video: String Family