Pre-Class Preparation (University of the Arts students ONLY)


  • READ. Chapter 12: Creativity with Keyboards, pp. 132-139 only (may be review). Chapter 13: Creativity with Sound Recording Applications, pp. 152-161 only.
  • Each day, IN CLASS, we'll be doing a variety of hands-on projects to both teach the various features of GarageBand - AND - to demonstrate ways the program can be useful in music education. Your good faith engagement in these activities is the bulk of your course grade. The best way to do well in the class: Be with us, try your best, and have fun!
  • BRING for TOMORROW. Music audio (either MP3 files on a flash drive, or a CD, or email files to yourself, or stored on Google Drive, etc.) to show off YOUR music program OR a project/activity completed by YOUR STUDENTS, or just example tracks of a favorite music (artist, composer, genre, etc.).
  • COMPLETE "take home" quiz on Chaps. 12 & 13; due tomorrow.
  • START an ongoing essay, to be approximately 2 pages in length and due Friday at the end of class, on the subject of how you'll use GarageBand (put it to work for you and/or your students) in the days, weeks, and months ahead. I'll be giving you the last 30 minutes of class or so to wrap up this essay in case you have some last day ideas to add, but try to add a little every day so it's not a big deal to turn in on our final day of class.
  • OPTIONAL: Establish YOUR OWN WIKISPACES ACCOUNT (instructions here), then request to join this WIKI so you can contribute to and leave DISCUSSION messages on the WIKI.
  • Register for a account if you don't already have one.


  • READ. Chapter 14: Creativity with Multi-Track Music Production Applications, pp. 178-182 only. Appendix 2: How Digital Audio Works, pp. 309-312.
  • COMPLETE "take home" quiz on Chap. 14 and Appendix 2; due tomorrow.
  • LOOK AHEAD. Your course Final Project will be a music production accomplished mostly independently using GarageBand, although your instructor will be on hand to coach and help you with any issues. For most GarageBand courses, this will be a video (i.e. commercial, cartoon, original footage, image slideshow, news opening, etc.) for which the student provides music and sound effects, as well as any other program audio. The instructor may assign a broader project allowing students to decide on any large-scale creative project (producing an original song, arranging/covering an existing song). As you acquire more and more GB skills during the week, think of how you might apply these in a project. For a sample rubric for this assignment: GB Final Proj rubric.pdf.


  • READ. Tomorrow we'll talk more about curriculum integration. Chapter 11, pp. 109-131. Examine Lesson Plan Model on pg. 120. Peruse Lesson Plans from Chapters 13 (pp. 163-176) and 14 (pp. 183-223), as well as the lesson plan idea list (click here).
  • COMPLETE "take home" quiz on Chap. 11; due tomorrow.
  • CONSIDER. Think about an idea for a lesson plan that features GarageBand that you might do in your role as music teacher. The lesson may be creative, informational, or related to performing. We'll share/discuss these ideas tomorrow. Also, can't think of an idea? CLICK HERE for a listing of more than 40 ways educators can use GB. Some of these ideas might work here.


**Scoring a video using GarageBand**

  • READ. Appendix 1: Computer Music Workstation, pp. 306-308.
  • STUDY. For in-class quiz on GarageBand tomorrow...I can't give you the answers to our quiz, but I can offer you this fun review: JEOPARDY! GarageBand Review and these PRACTICE QUIZ QUESTIONS about which to think.