Creating a Karaoke-type Track with Audacity

METHOD 1 (Newer versions of Audacity):
Removing Vocals:

• Go to Effect > Vocal Remover (for centre-panned vocals). Leave the settings as they are and click OK
• Play back song to test the results. If you get a poor result, try running the effect again with different settings
Altering the key:
You can then transpose the song by going to Effect > Change pitch and adjusting the key of the song in the Pitch:
From and To drop-down menus in the dialog that opens. It’s best not to transpose the song by more than 2 or 3
semitones, since the quality of the recording will be reduced and the change too obvious.

METHOD 2 (Older versions of Audacity without Vocal Remover plug-in):

1. Import your stereo file into Audacity.

2. Open the track menu (click the arrow next to the track title), and choose “Split Stereo Track.”

3. Select the lower track (the right channel) by clicking it in the area around the mute/solo buttons.

4. Choose “Invert” from the Effects menu.

5. Using the track menus, change each track to “Mono.”

Press the Play button to hear the results. If you are lucky, the voice will be gone but most of the other instruments will be unaffected, just like a karaoke track. You can use the Export commands in the File menu to save the results.