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Segment of track containing waveform audio; may be mono or stereo.
  • Purple = voice or instruments recorded w/mic or audio interface.
  • Amber = imported from outside the program.
  • Blue = Audio loops.

REGIONS may be:

  • Copied - Select region; Edit --> Copy (or, ⌘-C); then move playhead to paste location (and select new track if copying into different track); Edit --> Paste (or, ⌘-V).
  • Split - Place playhead at Split location; Edit --> Split (or, ⌘-T).
  • Joined - Shift-click two (or more) Regions; Edit - Join (or, ⌘-J).
  • Looped - Float cursor over the top-right corner of Region; a curly arrow (loop icon) appears. Click-hold-drag the Region's curly arrow to the right replicate the loop as many times as desired.
  • Shortened - Float cursor over the bottom-right corner of Region; a Resize tool ("line" icon) appears. Click-hold-drag this tool to the left to shorten the loop.

Tutorial and Video on Types of Regions


Be sure to check the "Follow Tempo & Pitch" checkbox for the audio region.

NOTE: Control-Option-G on a yellow "imported" track and it turns into a purple "recorded" track - then you can pitch shift it (in the Edit Window).

Is this file MIDI or Audio?

MIDI loops can be realized by a software instrument track (green) OR converted to audio and played in a real track (blue).