Your university or instructor may require you to complete all or some of the following PRE-COURSE ASSIGNMENTS. ALL of the following are required for University of the Arts students.

1) Create Web App Accounts. We will use a number of Web 2.0 (Online) Apps - both general purpose and musical - during the course. You will need to establish (free) accounts with a number of these to use during the class. CLICK HERE for a list of these apps and be sure to create accounts before the first day of class. PLEASE, PLEASE, please: record your username and password for each! It will slow down instruction and the class if we need to stop to figure out how to log you in to these apps when it is time to use them during the course.

2) iPad? SmartPhone? If you have an iPad that runs a recent iOS, please bring it along. On it, please load the free app, Educreations, and the free app, Socrative Student. If you have a smart phone, please bring it to class with the free app, Socrative Student.

3) Blended Learning Reading/Journaling. In your course text (Blended: Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools, by Michael B. Horn & Heather Staker, ©2015 Jossey-Bass), read the following: Introduction, Chapter 1 (What Is Blended Learning?), and Chapter 2 (Are All Classrooms Going to Blend?). THEN, write thoughtful answers to the following questions (about 1 page per question) using a text editor such as Google Docs, MS Word, etc. Print out your responses and bring to the first class meeting to use in discuss and to turn in.

QUESTION #1: Based on what you've seen and read, what Is blended learning?
QUESTION #2: What is the goal of blended learning, or the problem(s) it is trying to fix?