The following are links to some of the best free web-based and traditional applications for creative musical activities available on the Internet. This listing will be updated from time to time. After using a Web 2.0 Application, CLICK HERE IF YOU'D BE WILLING TO SUBMIT A THOUGHTFUL REVIEW.

  1. Ableton Learn Music - This website uses great graphics and sequential activities to introduce a DAW/Loop-Based approach to music creation (i.e. "making sick beats!".
  2. aQWERTYon - This web app turns your QWERTY keyboard into an instrument...in fact, the aQWERTYon IS an instrument. Different instrument sounds and scales (i.e. minor pentatonic) can be loaded to use with or without accompanying YouTube video of a favorite song to jam out to!
  3. Audacity - #1 freeware, open source, cross-platform audio editing software. Lots of potential for creative musical endeavors. Be sure to look around Sourceforge's site for extra plug-ins and the LAME encoder which allows files to be saved as MP3.

  4. Audio Sauna - Very cool music production suite with MIDI, analog synth emulations, samplers, etc.

  5. Audiotool - Virtual music studio! This is like Reason online, with drum machines, bass sequencers, pattern matrix sequencer, mixers, effects, etc. Not a fiddle and figure out type app; you'll need to spend some time here.
  6. Beat Box DJ Mixer - Great 8-track mixer loads pre-recorded music and students create there own mix automations. Mixes can be saved (on Beat Box DJ Mixer server) and/or emailed to family/friends/teacher.

  7. Beat Lab - An online pattern sequencer that allows the user to alter length of "course," change sounds, and even (via facebook) upload new, original sounds to be triggered.
  8. Beepbox - Web app for sketching and sharing chiptune melodies
  9. Button Beats - Cool online synthesizer you can play from your computer's QWERTY keys. Note: Takes long time to load :(

  10. Chrome Music Lab - Wonderfully simple "mini-apps" that either demonstrate musical concepts or allow for limited creative fun.
  11. Clyp It - Browser-based app for creating quick, short recordings to share. Would be good for performance tests or recording sound effects.
  12. Counting Music - This is really more of a tutorial on counting music, but the site allows students to play back rhythms they've entered, basically "performing" their rhythms. So....students can "compose" short rhythmic gestures and get feedback on what they sound like. Might be useful alone or as part of a larger composing activity.

  13. Drum Sample Tool - Trigger drum sounds from the QWERTY keys of your computer keyboard. There is some question as to what word is emitted when the letter "M" is depressed...your call!?!

  14. Finale NotePad - Free, light version of the world's most-used computer music notation program. This is freeware, not a Web 2.0 app, but it still delivers incredible functionality for FREE!
  15. Flat - Web-based, free music notation app from the folks at Google. Integrates well. BTW, this 3rd party web app converts Groove Pizza beats (see below) to Flat.io scores.
  16. GalacticMilk - Colorful online MIDI file player. Drag-drop MIDI file into browser then hit play button for a colorful piano/scroll playback.
  17. Groovelab - An older, somewhat dated pattern sequencer for creating loops that you can export as audio files.

  18. Groove Pizza - Web-based circular pattern sequencer developed by NYU Music Experience Design Lab. What's more, use THIS 3rd PARTY APP to convert Groove Pizza beats to Flat.io notation scores!
  19. Hooktheory - This site is (at least) two things: 1) chord analyses for 1300 Billboard Top 100 pop tunes using a cool juxtaposition of music video playback with an attractive, accessible scrolling of the harmonies in real time, and 2) interactive music editor for composing/arranging pop songs using the same chord playback interface. Whether you want students to study/analyze pop songs or create their own, this site looks promising.
  20. HTML Drum Machine - A beautifully simple, but cool and fairly functional browser-based drum module.
  21. Incredibox – There are now several versions of this cool, fun graphic character, loop-based remix tool - try 'em all! Download my Incredibox 4 Planner to map out character entrances.

  22. Impro-Visor - Freeware software (conventional, not Web 2.0) that works something like Band-in-a-Box, providing intelligent accompaniments to your lead sheet input. You can import MIDI files, and export as XML for use in a notation program.

  23. Isle of Tune - Available for web browser and iOS. Build a town that plays music (think Sim City for loop based sequencer). Actually, the premise is very similar to Groovy Music series of apps.
  24. JamStudio - Virtual loop-based music production studio. Choose the chords and instruments and go!

  25. MmmTsss - Fun looping software (PC or Mac) with unique, clever, intuitive user interface. Press/hold the mouse button to record vocal and other sounds to build multi-layer loops.

  26. Monkey Machine - Online Drum Machine with much functionality (allows user to change length/beats, export as MIDI, etc.) - may not work with all browsers :(

  27. Music Machine (Point Blank London) - This online loop mixer is fairly simple, but in "advanced mode" allows for automation of volume and panning. Part of Point Blank London music production school site; requires free registration.
  28. (The) Music Interactive Web Site – Free and reasonably-priced, downloadable music games/activities designed primarily for classes with an interactive whiteboard.

  29. Music Shake - Simple online sequencer. Not as intuitive as it could be; takes some experimenting.
  30. MuseScore – Free, downloadable, cross-platform music notation software.

  31. Noteflight – Music notation meets Web 2.0. Very well thought-out web app for typesetting music. Imports/exports XML, making it a great partner app with Finale.

  32. Online Drum Machine (by One Motion) - Like a pattern sequencer, choose hits for kick drum, snare drum, cymbals, hi-hats, etc.

  33. Online Sequencer - Looks like the edit window of most MIDI sequencers. You draw in the notes on a grid. Different colors = different instrument sounds. Also allows for MIDI file import. Pretty cool!
  34. OtsTurntables - This is software, not a web app, and Windows, not Mac OSX, but still cool for DJ-type music making :)

  35. Patatap - QWERTY keys trigger sound samples, accompanied by onscreen visuals. The space bar changes the sound set. Pretty cool; you can get lost (in a good way) exploring sounds, trying to memorize which keys trigger which sounds.
  36. PatternSketch - Simple online drum machine; allows user to save beats as .WAV to download/use in DAW apps.
  37. Plink - Real time multiplayer online jamming by Dinahmoe Labs. You pick color (synth sound), then move/click mouse to play rhythmically and melodically. Fun!
  38. QWERTY Beats - The QWERTY keys of your computer trigger drum sounds and loops.
  39. Songcruncher - From the folks at UJAM, an online studio environment for remixing "stems."
  40. Soundation - Online DAW with audio and MIDI tracks, loops, effects and more. To mixdown audio tracks, you must be logged in.

  41. SoundCloud - Record and upload sound to the cloud/web that can be linked in wikis, Twitter, etc. CLICK HERE for SoundCloud sample.

  42. Soundtrap - Simple, clean online DAW - very well done! Watch this video to see how it works.
  43. Tone Matrix - Simple pattern matrix sequencer (used to be iNudge.net, now part of Audiotool...see above).
  44. Typatone - Various synthy sounds are assigned to each (QWERTY) key; you type and sounds are made. The cool feature of this app is that a "transcript" is kept of what you type, which can be played back.
  45. UJAM - The premise is: you record a tune (sing or play), choose a "style" (i.e. hip hop, rock, swing, etc.), and UJAM suggest and realizes chordal combo accompaniment for you. You can then edit in a variety of ways. Some glitches.
  46. Vocaroo - Quick and easy web-based recording site.
  47. WD-1 DJ Trainer - Really cool emulation of a small sample playback keyboard like those used by DJs - fun!

  48. WebSID - Simple web emulation of old-school analog synth; could help explain basic synth features.
  49. WolframTones - Artificial Intelligence meets music composition! Based on choices made for style, rhythm, etc. and using algorithms/programming by Stephen Wolfram.

iPad/iPod APPS

  1. Beatwave - "Create amazing beats and tunes without any musical ability using Beatwave for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad."
  2. Bebot - Fun/accessible, yet powerful, synth. Uses robot character (who dances when played) and simple settings that allow even the most musically uninitiated to make some cool music.
  3. Blocs Wave - Make and record music with loops.
  4. Bloom - Created by Brian Eno, a graphic, touch-based looping synthesis app. Cool for exceptional learners.
  5. Crazy Piano - Game for young children, involves colorful characters - Gugl and friends - in bands. Highlight: "catch the stars" game.
  6. Drum Kit - A Virtual drum set initiated by finger taps. Could be your drummer if connected to sound system.
  7. Everyday Looper - Looping, recording app for iPhone/iPad.
  8. Etude - As keyboard music plays on screen, music scrolls, with right/left hand of measure playing (or notes playing if you choose) highlighted in colors, and with a keyboard graphic showing the keys pressed in same colors. If you prefer, there is also a graphic view rather than traditional music notation. Best of all, you can slow down the playback speed for use in piano practicing! Much repertoire can be downloaded and added to your library for free.
  9. GarageBand - The ground-breaking entry-level DAW for iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad!
  10. iMini (by Arturia) - Classic analog synth sounds from an iPad software instrument. Allows for external MIDI connection.
  11. Isle of Tune - Cars, streets, music!
  12. JoyTunes Music Games - Use your own piano or a 3D virtual one on screen to play your favorite songs.
  13. JoyTunes Recorder Master - Learn and drill recorder technique in a fun, animated early-childhood gaming environment. Recorder not included :)
  14. Keezy - Record sounds into 8 colorful squares on a trigger pad.
  15. LaDiDa - "Reverse karaoke"....it matches key and transposes chords to follow the singer.
  16. Loopseque Kids - A kid-friendly version of the standard Loopseque; as the title suggests, kids play/work with loops.
  17. Madpad - Record events (piano chord, drum hit, everyday sounds, etc.) to trigger them or loop them in performance...many possibilities!
  18. Magic Piano - Kind of a "Guitar Hero" for piano. Play piano music by tapping bright, colored dots in time as they stream down the screen. Doesn't involve reading notation, but does require perception of rhythm/timing.
  19. Moozart - Farmyard critters are placed on a scrolling staff to play familiar kid's tunes, or kids' own compositions, using pitched animal sounds. Simply, fun way to convey high/low pitch and melodic contour.
  20. Morton Subotnik's Pitch Painter - Composing by finger painting...in some ways similar to Singing FIngers (see below), but on a more traditional grid.
  21. Noteworks - A fun, note reading app geared at school-aged kids.
  22. Piano Dust Buster - Use a real piano or the virual one on the screen to review piano reading/playing skills in a fun environment.
  23. Take - This nifty 3-part on-the-go recorder for iPhone comes from Propellerhead (makers of Reason). Good sketch pad or multi-track for modest projects.
  24. Talkapella - Turns spoken words into "rockin' harmonized accapella."
  25. Thicket - Crazy 3-D line drawings respond to your tapping swiping, dragging, etc. on the screen, changing the music. Cool for exceptional learners.
  26. ThumbJam - Allows musical novices to improvise (jam) using a variety of cool electronic instruments and scales. You almost can't miss! This is one of my favorite iPad instruments.
  27. Singing Fingers - "Singing Fingers lets you fingerpaint with sound. Just touch the screen while you make a sound, and colorful paint appears. Touch the paint to play back the sound again!"
  28. Songify - Turn speech into song!
  29. SynScore - Plays back piano repertoire as score scrolls by on screen. Good for analytical listening and score study.
  30. VidRhythm - Choose a song template, record rhythmic events using voice and body percussion, and voila!
  31. Virtuoso - Basically a piano emulation, but I really like the "Duette" mode with two keyboards facing each other :)


  1. 11 Free Tools for Creating Website - This blog post lists 11 free online services for creating websites without specialized tech knowledge.
  2. AudioTrimmer.com - Web 2.0 utility for creating sound clips, changing playback speed, converting AIFF or WAV to MP3.
  3. Block Posters - Upload a graphic and this online app creates a large poster of 8.5x11" pieces you print, then assemble on poster board.
  4. ChordFind.com - Input the guitar chord you'd like to play, and this baby shows you what strings to press.
  5. Chromatik - FREE sheet music synced to YouTube vids. Cool, but at this time one cannot print, only view on screen, the music.
  6. Composer or Pasta? - Online game that will stump even the most erudite musicians!
  7. Educreations - PC or iPad whiteboard app - allows you to draw, record spoken audio, import images, etc. Great for blended learning!
  8. Evernote - Cloud based note and document sharing.
  9. Flippity.net - Random name generator! This cool Google plug-in generates single names, teams, seating charts, and more using a Google Sheets template - very cool!!
  10. Flipsnack.com - Convert a PDF doc to a virtual book widget with pages that turn, etc.
  11. Flubaroo - Use this add on with Google docs Google Form to automatically grade answers submitted by students!
  12. Glogster - Posters to present topics: authentic assessment, tech literacy, etc., etc.!
  13. Google Docs for Teachers Guide, by Richard Byrne (freetech4teachers.com) - great resource for Google doc beginners. Other great guides here as well!
  14. Google Translate - Translates written words from one language to another (i.e. English-to-Spanish); MANY uses in education! Includes link to Google website translator!
  15. Jeopardy Labs - Create your own categories, questions, and answers for a Jeopardy-style game.
  16. Jing - Screen capture movies for free!
  17. Jeopardy Rocks - Newer, cooler looking than Jeopardylabs, but doesn't allow for linked audio/images.
  18. Linkware Graphics Music Images – Music flash cards, handouts, worksheets, manuscript paper.
  19. Media.io - convert audio file formats online! Great utility to have available.
  20. Music Notation Image Library (Big) - FREE! Huge music notation image collection (for docs, powerpoint, IWB, etc.) by Midnight Music's Katie Wardrobe...thanks for another great resource Katie!
  21. Music Tech Teacher – This site of Alabama music teacher, Karen Garrett, is rich with games, worksheets, quizzes, lessons, and other resources.
  22. My Rap Name - This fun site suggests a rapper “handle” for your students (or you!).
  23. Music Education Teaching Resources - Hundreds of straight-forward worksheets (many FREE to download) for music basics, theory, etc. I like the large guitar chords posters (did I mention they're free?!!).
  24. Metronome Online - Handy and simple, whether used by composers/arrangers looking to audition tempi, or instrumentalists/singers practicing.
  25. Musictheory.net – The most well thought-out online music theory lesson/practice site I’ve seen.
  26. (The) Music Interactive Web Site - Great games designed for IWB (but fine elsewhere) for FREE! Includes StaffWars, StaffWars2, and others.
  27. Name That Note Game - Great web quiz for identifying notes on staff! Fun game show feel.
  28. Online Signs 4 Free - Make general purpose signs to print out.
  29. QR Code Generator - Although this may have only niche usefuness in K-12 education, it's still cool!
  30. Rubistar – Create rubrics for your project-based learning activities.
  31. Pixabay - Free images and video.
  32. Plickers - A simple tool that allows teachers to collect real-time formative assessment data without the need for student devices. Students hold response cards and the teacher takes a pic - a mobile app processes.
  33. Prezi - Really cool Web 2.0 presentation application - very expressive.
  34. Podomatic - My new podcast host...FREE!
  35. Proprofs - Create quizzes and worksheets (multiple choice, checkbox, fill in the blank, matching) with predetermined "correct" answers that can be automatically graded when submitted by students.
  36. Quaver's Marvelous World of Music - An online multimedia music curriculum, but with a fun "playhouse" atmosphere. You'll need to register and login to use the online activities. Many are free, but some require "quaver notes" (the site's currency) for higher functionality. Check out the "Quaver Blog" for more help on using the site: quavermusicblog.com
  37. Quick Certificate Printer - Basic, but easy-to-use Web 2.0 award certificate creator. Change/upload graphic, border, text, save as JPG.
  38. QuizRevolution - Create customized quizzes in minutes for use in your website, wiki, blog, etc.
  39. Recite This - Custom made quote and inspirational posters.
  40. Seating Chart Generator - Enter number of ensemble seats per row and this app creates a semi-circular seating chart for band/orchestra!
  41. Sight-Reading Factory - Really well-implemented Web 2.0 sight-reading app for instrumentalists.
  42. Other Sight-Reading Helps: Check out these various websites aimed at helping students learn to read/solfege music. Practice Sight-Reading; TMEA Region/State Chorus audition solfege practice; Parkland AP Theory Dictation exercises.
  43. Skype - Free video-conferencing with great implications for music teaching (i.e. virtual guest-artist convos, etc.!).
  44. smartboardmusic.org - Music games for interactive whiteboard (or computer)....many free, with tutorial videos, etc.
  45. Staffnotes – Handy, customizable paper accommodates note-taking in music courses.
  46. Sweetwater Audio Glossary - Definitions of hundreds of commonly used terms.
  47. Teoria.com - Another great music theory drill/practice site.
  48. The Podcast Host - Free podcast hosting!
  49. Vocaroo - Quick and easy online recording.
  50. Weebly - Create your own webpage easily and for free!
  51. WeVideo - Free, Web 2.0 video recording that uses your computer's built-in mic and video camera.


  1. Everything Band - Podcast hosted by mark Connor featuring guest composers, conductors, performers, etc. in the band world. Highly recommended!
  2. Composers Datebook - A brief (about 2:00) daily podcast that reminds us that "all music was once new music!"
  3. FreeTech4Teachers - Lots of Web 2.0 reviews and tutorials on this great blog by Richard Byrne.
  4. On and Off the Podium - A podcast by band director and music educator Wendy Higdon. Pay attention to the sage advice of this successful veteran educator!
  5. Midnight Music Blog - Blog of Midnight Music creator, Katie Wardrobe.
  6. Music Ed Mentor - Podcast hosted by the cheery Elisa Jones, sharing strategies/tips for better "managing and growing" your music program.
  7. MusicEdTech - The music education technology site of Barbara Freedman ("Teach the Music, the technology will follow").
  8. Music Tech Teacher - Podcast of Midnight Music creator, Katie Wardrobe. Highly recommended.
  9. MusTech.net. Another great music education technology blog/podcast by Dr. Joe Pisano of Grove City College.
  10. What Music Means to Me. Podcast that explores the "intersection of music and life." Discussions of many topics relevant topics. You can also subscribe to this podcast at the iTunes Store.


  1. Choral WIKI - A collection of mostly standard choral repertoire MIDI files!
  2. Internet Archive – Free movies, music, books, and more.

  3. J.S. Bach Home Page – Links to websites with Bach MIDI files.

  4. Kunstderfuge – Another source with hundreds of MIDI files to download, although this site has a limit of 5 downloads-per-day.

  5. Open Hymnal Project – MIDI, MP3, and PDF files of hundreds of hymns.

  6. Mr. Maestro.Tripod.Com - A limited, but easy-to-use, classical MIDI file collection.
  7. Mutopia – Between one and two thousand PDF and MIDI files of public domain, classical music submitted by volunteers.

  8. Petrucci Music Library - Loads of public domain scores! Great for source material for arrangements, or scores for study/analysis.

  9. SoundBible - Hundreds of free sound effects to download for creative projects!

  10. Freesounds.org - An even more extensive repository of free sound effects to download for creative projects! You do have to be a member (free, just need an email address).


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